About Adel

Hey there, 
My name is Adel Gamal, an Art Director with more than 12 years in the field. I created this website to solve many problems I personally struggled with and continue to, in this field, which are: being discoverable to recruiters as a designer and finding the right-fit talent for a job as a recruiter. 

Ever since I started, it was hard for me to find a network of talented people around me, which made my chances of finding job opportunities even more difficult. That’s why over the span of 4 years I built my own network to secure my place on the employment map in this ever so competitive field. 

Now, 12 years later, after finding myself in a recruiter’s shoes, I realize how difficult finding designers can be as well. Even when you do end up finding one, it's hard to find all the details you need about them such as, place of residence, contact info and most importantly, expected salary. Making this entire process extremely tedious.

So I founded Adel Recommends (Rec for short) to make it easier for designers, both new and seasoned, to find a place on the employment map, and for those who are looking for talents that are perfect for the job.
So, a win-win in a sense, am I right? I hope this platform helps you and I wish you find what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to communicate with me directly, feel free to reach out using the social links below. Also, if you want to help support this platform you can find the donate button (Buy me Koshari)

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Personal Portrait of Adel Gamal

Special thanks to Avvab Lababidi for helping me make this idea a reality, and if you want to make an awesome website like this feel free to contact him at: avvab.com